The chief executives below lead companies extending communication service interoperability to include HD voice and other advanced services as a part of the IP transition. Preserving the ability to make calls to any and all telephone numbers remains essential to the value proposition of communication services in an all-IP world.

HDN Trials

The joint deployment of HD voice and other advanced services by the federation of the 10,000 or so network operators responsible for the global reach of telephone numbers and standard definition voice calls represents an entirely new phenomena. The existing expansion of communication services via IP networks reflects founding contributions of government (e.g. email) or the over-the-top proprietary contributions and control of individual companies (e.g. Twitter, Skype).

New federated services (aka specialized services in policy discussions) remain untapped as an opportunity, because there exists no prior model for the joint deployment of new services. The status quo reflects the fragmentation of industry relationships and associations along the regulatory dimensions of geography or modes of connectivity (fiber, licensed and unlicensed spectrum, coax, copper, etc). The striking anomaly of a technology (standard definition voice quality) remaining unimproved since the 1930's owes to this fragmentation.

The HDN Trials provide an incremental learn by doing opportunity to help operators gain experience with the new joint deployment model for advanced services. The HDN complements existing internal development and joint development accomplishments of CableLabs (cableco's) or the GSMA (wirelessco's). The contribution of the HDN trials is the presumption and requirement of full interoperability between all participating operators - no fragmentation.

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